Tear Stain Removers: FDA Warning

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Are you using tear stain removers on your pet? Tear stain removers are all over the internet and in pet stores, so pet owners usually assume that they are OK to use, but this is not the case. You should know that they are not approved for use in pets, and have not been tested for safety. Recently the FDA … Read More

Tailgating: Game Day Pet Safety Tips

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Tailgating foods are not for pets

Game day can be fun for family and pets alike, but tailgating can be hazardous to our pets. When Tailgating, we tend to make unhealthy foods (that’s part of the fun), but fatty meats such as hot dog, bratwurst, or burgers can bring on a disease called pancreatitis when pets eat them. Tailgating Foods can cause pancreatitis in Dogs The pancreas is … Read More