Case Study: Controlling Bladder Stones with Diet

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Prescription Diets for Bladder Stones – Hocus Pocus or Life and Money Saver? A Case Study by Jordan C (Veterinary Assistant) When it comes to a recommended prescription diet from your veterinarian, many people feel unsure. We get the question: “Can a change in food REALLY treat allergies?”, or “cure my cat’s bladder stones?” The answer is yes! I know, … Read More

Dog Flu: What EVERY Dog Owner Needs to Know.

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“Can my dog catch the dog flu?” The answer to this question is most likely yes. My personal dogs cross paths with other neighborhood dogs. I take them for walks in the Cleveland Metroparks. Sometimes they come to the local pet store to pick out a treat or toy. That is why they are vaccinated for Canine Influenza. I am … Read More


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  Ahhh, I cannot think of many things as grotesque finding that odd new lump on my dog. The ultimate freak out of squirms, screams, and horrors once I realize I’ve found a tick. After calming down from the discovery, what do you do? What kind of a tick is it? Will your dog be ok? Will you be ok? … Read More