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Veterinary Dental Cleanings and Why—and When—Your Pet Needs Them

When was the last time you examined your pet’s mouth for periodontal disease? If it’s been so long that you can’t remember, or if you can’t recall checking your pet’s pearly whites and gums, you are not alone. Unfortunately, most pet owners are unaware of the risks associated with a lack of dental care for [...]

8 Winter Safety Tips for Pets

Winter can be beautiful, but freezing temperatures make this season miserable for many people—and pets. Except for a handful of breeds specially bred to tolerate cold weather, pets lack physical protection from the cold and are in danger from snow, ice, and winter chemicals. MetroPet Veterinary Clinic offers a few tips to help you protect [...]

7 Preventive Care Tips to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

No matter your pet’s age, support their wellbeing by initiating healthy habits to ensure they live a long, happy life. To learn how you and your pet can enjoy many years together, read our MetroPet Veterinary Clinic team’s seven simple preventive care tips.   #1: Preventive veterinary care—detect problems early During your pet’s routine preventive care [...]

Pet Obesity Health Risks: “Weigh” More Than You Think

Your love for your pet is obvious—at every visit to MetroPet Veterinary Clinic, we can see your love in every interaction and hear it in your voice. There’s no denying the deep and unconditional bond you share. However, when shared affection includes sharing food, this beautiful relationship can take a tragic and unnecessary turn. What’s [...]

Is My Senior Pet Happy?

Pets age faster than people. Cats and small breed dogs generally are considered senior around 7 years of age, while large dogs typically reach this designation at around 5 to 6 years of age. As your pet ages and their health declines, you may have difficulty determining whether they are enjoying life. Our MetroPet Veterinary [...]

The Full Picture of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners to ensure their pet receives high-quality care, while they are financially protected against high veterinary expenses. For many owners, their budget does not cover some expensive surgeries or treatments, or emergency care, forcing them to choose between their pet’s health and financial security. Fortunately, the right [...]

5 Ways to Have the (Almost) Perfect Puppy

When you welcome home a new puppy, you may be more focused on their adorable wagging tail and puppy kisses, and forget that your new snuggle buddy may develop inappropriate behaviors. Most puppies learn easily and quickly, but can inadvertently learn the wrong thing without proper training. So, set your new pup on the path [...]

Don’t Go Playing Games with My Heart: Heartworm Disease in Pets

No pet owner should mess around with heartworm disease that, at worst, can be fatal, but is always a serious condition, because the heartworms traveling through your pet’s body can cause massive amounts of permanent damage. Fortunately, you can prevent your pet from heartworm disease and keep them safe by administering year-round heartworm prevention. While [...]

20 Common Pet Toxins

Some pets can be indiscriminate about what they ingest, and they may accidentally swallow a toxin, leading to significant health issues. Our team at MetroPet Veterinary Clinic wants to provide information about several common pet toxins and steps you can take to safeguard your pet. Common foods are toxic to pets Several foods that you [...]

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