Infections and Parasites and Allergies, Oh My! What’s causing your itchy pet?

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“Why is my pet itchy?” “Itchy pet” is probably the most common type of appointment we see at MetroPet during the spring and summer months. The answer may not be as simple as we all hope. Fortunately, we stay up-to-date on the best ways to diagnose and treat skin problems and we have an effective plan. When trying to figure … Read More

Case Study: Controlling Bladder Stones with Diet

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Prescription Diets for Bladder Stones – Hocus Pocus or Life and Money Saver? A Case Study by Jordan C (Veterinary Assistant) When it comes to a recommended prescription diet from your veterinarian, many people feel unsure. We get the question: “Can a change in food REALLY treat allergies?”, or “cure my cat’s bladder stones?” The answer is yes! I know, … Read More

Dog Flu: What EVERY Dog Owner Needs to Know.

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“Can my dog catch the dog flu?” The answer to this question is most likely yes. My personal dogs cross paths with other neighborhood dogs. I take them for walks in the Cleveland Metroparks. Sometimes they come to the local pet store to pick out a treat or toy. That is why they are vaccinated for Canine Influenza. I am … Read More

Leptospirosis is Everywhere!

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Leptospirosis (or Lepto, short) is a bacterial disease that is transmitted from wild animals (such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, skunks, deer or opossums), to your dog through water, grass, dirt, or food contaminated with urine from the wild animals. It can infect your dog through ingestion, exposure to eyes, nose, or broken skin. Symptoms can take 4-12 days to occur, … Read More