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At MetroPet Veterinary Clinic, your pet’s health, safety, and comfort are our primary goals. In order to better help you understand the options available to you and your pet at the time of surgery/anesthesia, please carefully read the recommendations below. Please check each box if you would like any of these optional items provided for your pet and sign the form below. If you do not wish have any of these items, please initial the line at the bottom of this page stating so and send the form. Thank you for your cooperation and please ask if you have additional questions.

Surgery Options

($49.46) We need to make sure that there aren't any underlying problems that could potenially negatively affect your pet while they are under anesthesia. This test checks for potential life threatening bleeding disorders.

($42.91) This test will check for abnormalities in the heart rate and rhythm such as an arrhythmia which can lead to anesthetic complications and sudden death. It is recommended to pre-screen pets for an arrhythmia prior to anesthesia.

($44.97) This is recommended for all pets. Unfortunately many people lose their animals each year. Some get out of the house, and can’t find their way home and others are actually stolen. Whatever the reason, we want these pets to return home safely. This microchip has reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. It is a tiny chip that is placed under the skin in between the shoulder blades. If someone finds your pet and brings it to a shelter or hospital they will scan them first to see if they have a chip and therefore an owner.

($43.00) Laser therapy is non-invasive and natural way to reduce pain and inflamation for your pet. This makes them more comfortable after surgery, and shortens healing time.

($56.70) Stray cats, feral cats, barn cats, and cats with an unknown history that have been living outdoors are at the highest risk of contracting these diseases. These diseases may be spread between cats and cause suppression and failure of the immune system and in some cases may be fatal. A cat with feline leukemia or FIV would need additional precautions to be taken prior to routine anesthesia and surgical procedures.

($64.59) Our Surgery Laser can be used to trim dog's nails shorter than we are able to do with traditional methods. This would be ideal for patients who have long, overgrown nails. (*Performed at Dr. discretion if anesthetic time allows*)


I authorize anesthesia or sedation and/or surgery for my pet. The nature and the risks of this procedure have been explained to me. I understand that there are always some risks with anesthesia and I am encouraged to discuss any concerns that I have prior to the procedure or anesthetic. My signature on this consent form indicates that any and all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and that you have my express informed consent to administer anesthetics and/or perform procedures or surgery on my pet.

MetroPet Veterinary Clinic provides the highest quality of anesthetic monitoring and surgical services, and we will do everything possible to reduce any risks. I understand the risks and will not hold any veterinarian, team member, or MetroPet Veterinary Clinic liable for any complications that may arise.

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