Alternative Medicine at MetroPet

MetroPet offers the best medical care for your pets, and as a compliment, we offer alternative strategies to enhance traditional veterinary medicine. These complimentary options enhance healing and provide non-pharmaceutical options.

Over the years, we’ve had some clients ask about alternatives, and we are excited to offer these at MetroPet. More services are coming soon. Stay tuned to this site to find out more, or call the office today to ask about our new alternative medicine days. Click on the headings below for more information.

MLS Laser TherapyMetroPet Veterinary Clinic - Laser Therapy dog goggles

For years, we’ve been one of the only Vets in the area to offer laser therapy for drug-free pain relief and better wound healing. There’s a chance that your pet has already benefited from our laser therapy system, we’ve been using it to speed healing of wounds and surgical recovery since 2012.

MLS therapy uses short range light to activate your pet’s natural healing abilities and reduce inflammation. We’ve been blown away by some of the success we’ve seen using MLS Laser Therapy.

Animal Chiropractic CareAnimal Chiroprator Pet Chiropractic MetroPet Berea Strongsville Cleveland

MetroPet is now offering Animal Chiropractic services to our clients, provided by Dr. Sara Jerman (Read her bio HERE). Pet chiropractic care can help relieve all manner of joint problems, including gait, and spinal issues, as well as help to relieve pain without drugs. There are a number of secondary effects, too. Call us to find out if Pet Chiropractic care is right for your pet.