Illness Exams

Our staff at MetroPet have more than 75 years of combined experience treating and curing pets. Our clients know that they can trust us to help when their pets are sick. In our Illness Exams, we treat the whole animal and use the best diagnostic methods to help determine what is wrong with your pet. With our expertise, diagnostic testing, and specialists on call, we can get an answer quickly and make a treatment plan to help your pet sooner than other vets.

Why should you trust MetroPet for your Pet’s Illness Exams?

  1. Our Priorities: Active Clients get the help they need, and priority when it matters. We offer guaranteed same day urgent care visits for our clients. If you trust us to be your vet then we will be there when you need us.
  2. Our Thorough Illness Exams: Veterinarians are medical doctors who have trained for more than 8 years to diagnose and treat your pet. There is NO substitute for a veterinarian giving your pet a thorough examination.
  3. Digital Full Body X-ray and Teleradiology. Our digital X-rays are ready in seconds, and viewed by a board certified radiologist in an hour, meaning our Vets have the best information fast.
  4. Full In-House Laboratory: When your pet has an illness, we can run the tests that we need at MetroPet in under an hour, meaning you are not waiting until morning for results, and can begin treatment sooner.
  5. In-House Pharmacy: We stock many veterinary-specific drugs to help get your pet on treatment fast. We also work with local pharmacies and have an online pharmacy to offer the best options for your pet.
  6. Laser Therapy: We use MLS laser therapy to help with pain, reduce inflammation, and speed healing, meaning your pet will be feeling better, faster.
  7. Emergency Surgery: Our Doctors are skilled at emergency surgery, and if your pet needs it, we are usually able to perform surgery the same day.
  8. Complete Dental Care: 80% of pets have dental disease by age 3. We offer complete dental cleaning, digital dental X-ray, and dental surgery if they are needed. One of the most common complaints during illness exams is bad breath, and bad breath usually means dental disease.
  9. Exotic Medicine: MetroPet offers treatment for many exotic patients, and we have the equipment to effectively diagnose and treat them here, and offer exotic pet formulations of drugs, saving you a trip to the specialist. We are members of the AEMV, ARAV, and AMPA to stay current in the best exotic vet care.

Symptoms to NEVER ignore

It doesn’t matter what animal you have, these are symptoms that could mean you have an emergency. Catching it early is critical for the best outcome.

  1. Diarrhea/Vomiting – The big threat is dehydration. Smaller pets get dehydrated quickly, so more than one incident of your dog or cat throwing up or diarrhea is a cause for concern.  It is best not to wait and see on this!
  2. Blood in urine or stool (or anywhere really) – This is pretty self explanatory.  Blood belongs on the inside of the body.  If it is outside or there is blood in the urine or stool, your pet has a problem. If you see blood in the litter box, this could be a life threatening urinary blockage, and needs to be treated immediately.
  3. Weight loss – Losing weight could be serious. Any change in a pet’s appetite, or eating/pooping/peeing schedule is a cause for a check up.
  4. Coughing, wheezing, gasping – This could be a sign of illness or of heart failure, only a Veterinarian can properly diagnose these signs.
  5. Sudden change in behavior – Pain or discomfort usually looks to owners like irritability or change in behavior.  If your pet is hiding, yelping, limping, snapping, or growling, he or she could be in pain.
  6. Hair Loss – Hair loss is not normal! It could be an allergy, or some contagious microscopic mite (meaning you can’t see them), or something worse.