Laser Surgery

In 2013, MetroPet Veterinary Clinic added laser surgery to our list of services, and we are excited at the results.

Laser surgery (as opposed to traditional surgery performed with a scalpel), is a tried and true new technology. It uses focused light to quickly cut tissue rather than a blade, and the result is far less trauma and bleeding, which ultimately means less healing time and discomfort for your pets.

Tumor Excision: Dr. Alice has used the laser to completely remove tumors for biopsy with very clean margins (meaning that she got all of the tumor) in some areas that just wouldn’t be possible with blades. This added precision of the laser is better and safer for your pets.

Laser Nail Trim: This is a great procedure to remove overgrown toenails while your pet is under anesthesia (usually for another procedure, such as a spay/neuter or a dental). It allows us to “burn” back the quick of the nail with no bleeding or pain, allowing us to cut the nail back further than was previously possible.